Believe, but Don’t Believe

Believe that change is possible.  But Don’t Believe that either Presidential candidate can make the changes that you want changed.

Politics is a function of compromise.  Otherwise we would have had a Hilary Health Care Plan Years ago when Bill was in office.

Despite all the blame that is being tossed on George W. Bush, he is not entirely responsible for our current conditions.  There were compromises that lots of folks made that put as where we are.  And our next president will have limited powers too.  (That’s Good, by the way.)

What I really want in an elected official is someone that will defend the constitution of this country, of this state, etc.

Unfortunately when we see how much money was spent on the election process, (to buy votes), you and I have to realize that there is more to winning the Presidency than getting to be the Top Dog.

Even the purest at heart, will end up with some dog crap on the bottom of their shoe as they go through the election process.

So, Believe that changes are possible, but Don’t Believe the Politicians that say they can change your world.

That my friend, is up to me and you.


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