Okay, So I can’t have what I want in a President this time around. Instead I have to pick and choose which issues:

  1. I care the most about.
  2. That the next president will have any control over.
  3. Can wait another 4 years or more.

I can have my principles, and I hope the person that sits in the oval office lives by their principles too. What I don’t want is someone that will say what ever they think will win them the election, and then do an about face once they occupy the office.

It is okay to change positions and viewpoints, but there should be a solid reason why the change took place.

My views have changed over the years, even in the past 5 years on certain issues. My values though have remained.

We are seeing a lot of dirt digging right now by the Clinton’s. This was Hillary’s election to lose. And so far, that’s just what she is doing.

John McCain will be the Republican candidate, despite the fact that Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee continue to be on the ballot.

By the way, CNN on Sunday afternoons has what they call the “Ballot Bowl” where they broadcast live as-it-happens speeches from the candidates. Check it out if you want a less filtered view of what they are saying.


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