Presidential Primary Activities 2008

Ah, it’s slug fest season.   This is when the Presidential race was supposed to start.  Not 2006.  Word is that in three weeks, we will know who the Dems and Reps have selected to head their tickets for the oval office.  Once Super Tuesday on Feb. 5th occurs, over 1/2 the states will have had their primary process (or however each state does it) and by the time Indiana voters have our primary vote in May, what will it matter?

The gloves have come off between Clinton and Obama.  It’s fun watching them slug it out and I have my favorite which I’ll reveal later.    The Republicans are tearing into each other too and the real problem is that there is no one that has all the right answers.

Bloomberg, (mayor of NYC) might run as an independent,  which would make things really interesting, however, I’d like to see him team up with Ron Paul and perhaps they could get 20 to 30% of the vote in November.

I think what I’ll start doing in upcoming posts is  find positions and statements from candidates and others that I would like to see in a president and we will see what we come up with.


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