What do you believe?

As we get older, we develop opinions including political views, even if you don’t consider yourself “Political”.

In 1 month and a couple days, I will be 48, and my mind and heart is filled with political thoughts. I am not sure where this blog will take us, except it will be a record of views that make up my beliefs. I’m sure there will be conflicting views, but as the thoughts on different issues get banged out on the keyboard, a picture will form of who I am.

Why do this? Because I have my wife and kids that are all very smart and opinionated. Because I care about them and want to be able to share and debate the various opinions and viewpoints. Because I remember hearing my dad talk about these things when I was a teen and then 10 years ago, I had some of these discussions with my mom.

Let’s see where this takes us…


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