The People Who Give Up Their Rights

Yesterday I shared a few thoughts and an article on the dealings that contributed to the results of the 2014 mid-term elections.

Today, I want to focus on the apathy stupidity of the American Adults when it comes to politics.

The people who willingly give up their right to vote, by well, not voting.

Also the people who are willingly uninformed and uneducated about the issues and candidates who do vote, but do so blindly,

I work in marketing and advertising and my focus of study is on human relationship principles.

The media on the left and the right focus on what they believe will keep viewers, readers and listeners.  They are not interested in finding a middle ground, they have been led to believe that we want to rally around one view and not another and they make money perpetuating division by pointing out that the enemy is the other side and they are the hero.

So we have plenty of voters who are being fed one side of a story depending on the slant of the story tellers and they begin to believe the hype.

Or they simply get tired of the hype and tune out, disgusted with the whole process and become apathetic.

I understand the discouragement and disgust that many feel on both the left and right that leads them to bury their heads and wish it would all go away.

But I have a big problem with those people who are outspoken on one side or another who don’t even do the research to find truths behind all the mud slinging.

There was a local ballot issue in our county that was non-partisan in nature but I saw the supporters were mostly from one side of the political spectrum and the opposition was from the other side.

I spoke with one of my closest friends who is very outspoken politically about the issue before the election and she was unaware of the two positions on this ballot issue.  Before she went to vote, she did a little bit of research and then trotted off to the polls.  She voted her predictable straight ticket and then cast her vote on the ballot issue based on the propaganda from the ads she heard.  She essentially voted the opposite of what her political peers did, not because she understood the  differences, but because she listened to the political ads.  After the election we discussed who and what we voted for and she still has no idea what the simple facts are of the ballot issue.  How do I know?  She was able to quote almost word for word the wording of one side but had no clue what the other side was saying.

I did my research.  It wasn’t easy but I took some time before the final hours to read and research the issues and candidates that were going to be on my ballot.  I did not blindly support one party.  I voted for candidates all over the board and I was an informed voter.

Unfortunately too many voters are not informed and vote anyway.

And equally unfortunate is the number of people eligible to vote (age 18+) who don’t vote and use excuses on why they don’t participate.

The Underbelly of Political Power

It’s the day after.

I stopped into my fabled “north office”, the Firefly Coffee Shop for a bagel and beverage.

The politically outspoken owner and his liberal friends are discussing how the country is now going to hell that the Republicans won enough Senate seats last night to have a majority in both houses of Congress starting in 2015.

Earlier this morning I read the majority of an article by the left learning Washington Post that discusses the steps and mis-steps that were done by the politicians to end up with the results we will live with for the next couple of years.

I encourage you to read it yourself at .

Basically there is a giant chess game going on that involves all the parties and it is as fascinating as any TV Drama that I’ve seen.  I’m thinking about the CBS series “The Good Wife” which shows a tiny glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

I’m not going to say that all the dealings are good or bad, they just are.

One thing that disturbs me however is the amount of money spent in these elections.  Not just millions, hundreds of millions of dollars spent to influence the voters that the other person is a scum bag.

If half of the cash that was spent, was used instead to directly fund the needs of the people that these politicians claim to serve, that is a change I could support and so would many others no matter what their political leanings.

More election aftermath thoughts coming…

Political Incorrectness = Race

Random thoughts on stupidity and double standards.

As a former radio d-j, I’ll start with pop music.

Anacoda performed by Nicki Minaj  uses the N word.  Check the lyrics if you want at if you haven’t heard the unedited version.

This song is number 4 on the Billboards Hot 100 charts right now.

As you read the lyrics you’ll see many other words and phrases that make the N word seem insignificant.

But because Nicki is black, there is no outrage.  If it was Taylor Swift would there be an outcry about her use of the N word?

Why is it okay for anyone to use the N word?

Redskins, as in the Washington Redskins NFL team has taken a hit this year due to political correctness.  There’a a high school in my city with the same nickname.  Will they be shamed into changing their name too?

One other thought at the moment that has been roaming my mind for a few years.  The N double A C P.

It stands for the National Association of Colored People.  Been around since 1909.  I suppose Colored People was a better term than the N word, but it still seems very dated and I doubt any of my black friends would like to be called colored.

My wish is to incorporate a color blind society, remove truely racially prejudicial words and language from our vocabulary and do it voluntarily, not under threats of legal action.

Your thoughts?

The End of Racism

The election of President Obama was significant in 2008 for multiple reasons, but one that sticks out is the concept of racism.

There is no way that he was able to win the election if he only received votes from African-Americans.  It wasn’t mathematically possible.

Even though I did not vote for him, I saw this as a turning point, one more step to ending the racism that has lived in our country for hundreds of years (before we were a country).

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

As a white guy, I only have my own life experiences and they are different from black friends simply because of our skin color.

But racism is an attitude, right?

We are in the beginning stages of discovering why Michael Brown, an 18 year old black man was killed this month and the subject of race is back on the big screen and the net.

It seems that anyone can be a racist.  25 years ago, a black co-worker of mine used to complain about some of his black clients.  He said they were always on C.P. Time .  When I asked him what he was talking about, he said C.P. Time is Colored People Time,  and it was always 30 to 60 minutes late.  If  he had a 11 am meeting schedule with one of these clients, and he showed up at 11:30, he wasn’t a half hour late, he was a half hour early.

We happen to have a friend who is of German and Irish heritage and she is nearly always late, so this tardiness is not limited to one race.

But it is a racial stereotype, at least in Detroit.

I long for the day when we will not see the differences in each other as a negative, but something to enjoy and embrace.

And for those of you who think that anyone who doesn’t like the actions of President Obama is a racist… that in itself is a racist assumption and comment.

The end of racism isn’t here yet and I urge everyone to be extremely cautious before declaring some one or some thing racist and along those same lines, don’t be afraid to question someone who is.

The Israel-Hamas Conflict

If you own a home and there are people outside shooting at you, what do you do?

You could defend yourself if you are able.

You could ask them to stop.

You could open the door and invite them in and see if they will stop shooting.

You can run away and abandon your home.


Stop and think for a moment.  Which one are you going to pick?

These are the options Israel has right now.

In 1947, Israel was re-established as a legitimate country and the Jewish nation were given a home.  Not everyone in the area liked this and this is the source for the conflict that has been occurring ever since.  If we really want to go to the root of the conflict, explore the Old Testement and you’ll see the root of this conflict is thousands of years old.  I encourage you to do your own investigation of the history, here are a couple of places you can start.

While Israel is a legitimate country, Hamas is not.

Hamas is at its best a political party or movement.  At its worst it is a terror organization.

Their charter (from Wikipedia) states: Article 7 of the Hamas Covenant provides the following quotation, attributed to Mohammed:

“The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.”[246]

News reports have stated how the Israeli deaths in the current battle is tiny compared to their enemies.  But again I must point out the differences.

Israel has an organized military and defense system.  They usually wear uniforms.  There is a distinction between the civilians and the military, like we have in the United States.

Hamas, does not have this distinction because they are acting as a terror organization with the goal of killing all the Jews in the name of a religious mission.

Want proof?  Take a look at this website which is attempting to provide information that our mainstream media is skimming over or ignoring.

Instead we are being asked to have a heart for those who are “breaking into our homes”.

I urge you to look at the big picture, all the propaganda coming from all sides of every issue including this one before blindly agreeing to support anything you hear or read.

Obama is the Crazy Cat Lady

First, let’s describe the crazy cat lady. The urban dictionary has some interesting entries but here are the basics:

  • Takes in strays even though she can’t afford to care for them
  • Has no limits or boundaries.
  • Tells the “kitties” to stop coming but she keeps giving them incentives, (food, water, shelter).
  • Expects her cats to do nothing to earn their keep, because, well, they’re cats.
  • Often takes a nice home and turns it into a wasteland filled with filthy living conditions
  • Thinks others are insane because we don’t care for the “kitties” the way she does.
  • Other cat ladies like her, but that’s about it.

Why is our President a Crazy Cat Lady?  Look at our current illegal immigration situation with thousands of minors entering our country in record numbers recently.  Re-read the list above and notice the striking similarities.

The problem did not start with President Obama.  We’ve had strays entering out country illegally for decades and we never took the actions to secure our border.

I mean really secure it.

We have made several half-assed attempts to improve border security but they’ve been mostly for show and political points.

Here in Indiana we could look at it as some one else’s problem.  We’re too far north.  Sure there are migrant farm workers and in larger cities like Fort Wayne I know we have a number of illegal aliens, but it wasn’t noticeable unless you drove in certain parts of town.  In the past week however, we were informed that at least 245 kids are now living in Indiana from south of the border that are part of this wave of illegal minor aliens.

Indiana, especially Fort Wayne is home to lots of immigrants and refuges.  There are over 90 countries represented in the student population of our Fort Wayne Community School systems and over the years, I have worked with refugees from Europe who came here legally.  They spoke no English but were taught English as a second language.  They came here to work and start a new life that they could create for themselves and their families.  And we welcomed them and still do.

Contrast that with the current influx of illegals and our  federal governments inability and unwillingness to enforce the laws we have and soon we’ll all be living in a crazy cat ladies house.

Scott’s Political Beliefs in a Nutshell, Part 2

We are not racists.

But that never makes the news.

Blood, death, destruction, wacky, stupid, these are the things that make the news.

So if I say we are not racists, how do you explain comments that sound racist?

Perhaps it is conditioning.

We have been conditioned since before we were born, to accept somethings as normal and other things as not so normal.

A couple of things stand out in my memory that pertain to the subject of race.

My parents did not foster any racists stereotypes in me during my formative years, or afterward.

The only prejudice I recall from my Dad was in my early teen years and it wasn’t a race issue.

It was the young family who moved in next door.  He was a garbage man.  I mean his job was working on a garbage truck.  My Dad worked in a white collar profession and was concerned that the new neighbors would have lower standards and not keep up their property.  Not that our home was a showcase, but it was a nice older middle class neighborhood.

Years later my Dad told me this story, about how wrong he was to prejudge the family and how they became friends and excellent neighbors with each other over the years.  My parents have passed away and last year I saw the husband and wife who used to live next door and never told them about my Dad’s first prejudicial thoughts. There was no need to.

I know from my first experience buying a house a dozen years ago what it’s like to be the new neighbors who are looked at with a prejudicial eye.  Our neighbor Bernie heard saw that we were building a “shed” in our backyard and he warned us that if it didn’t fit the neighborhood rules, we’d have to remove it.  My wife responded that he was welcome to take a hammer and knock it down if it wasn’t up to snuff.  In the end, he was helping us assemble the roof and commented about the high quality of the structure.  We became good friends with Bernie.

But what about race?

In the predominately white neighborhood I grew up in, there was one black family and I went to school with the oldest daughter.  Among the kids, Chandra was accepted just like anyone else.   I saw a similar situation years later when I moved my family into a mixed neighborhood in Detroit and after living there awhile, my daughter made the observation that the boys next door were black.  Not that it mattered, it was just a matter of fact observation and statement that was made.  We became good friends with them and while we as adults were aware of some cultural differences, there was no racism on either side.

I believe in my original statement, We are not racists, as a country.  We may have some prejudices, but those can be overcome as we get to know the people and not just our stereotypical assumptions.

The racist label is sometimes used in broad terms because there are individuals who display racist behavior.  I’d be the first to challenge someone who uses race as a reason to not like someone.  This is where it has often gotten political over the past several years.

When Barrack Obama became a candidate for President of the United States, and then won and won a second term, some were hoping this was a signal that race was no longer a factor and that we the people of the United States had graduated from the earlier prejudices that were labeled as racist.  Unfortunately,  it appears that race became a bigger issue, at least in the news media.

Critics of the President’s policies were sometimes labeled racist.  Some of them were called racist because they said racist things that were totally out of line. Supporters of the President’s policies,  saw this and ran with it, calling and and all critics racists.

I have heard people use terrible language, unfair language, prejudicial language when being critical of  Reagan, Clinton, and both Bushes.  Now that we have had President Obama in office, that terrible, unfair, prejudicial language has dipped down even further into racial slurs in some cases.

If you disagree with President Obama, please do not stoop to race as a reason to criticize. And if you agree with President Obama, please refrain from using race as the sole reason for your praise.

As a county, not once but twice, we have proven we will not discriminate against someone running for election based solely on their race.  Let’s be proud of that step forward and focus on policy instead.